TOPICS May.2003

* The World's Smallest Piezo-resistance 3-axis Acceleration Sensor

By putting together, the micro-machine technology, which is our key technology and various kinds of key element technologies we have developed the smallest volume 0.040cc high sensitivity 0.5mV/G/V piezo-resistance 3-axis acceleration sensor.

1. Development background

Smallness, lightness and high performance are now the market needs even with 3-axis acceleration sensors, which have been used mainly for automotive field or industrial equipment field. The background for this needs is that new markets for an acceleration sensor have been created when multifunction of electric appliances and mobile equipment (mobile terminals, PDA, etc) is in process and its application to amusement products (electronic pet robots) is becoming popular. In such applications basic inclination or movements need to be detected simultaneously in 3 axes to collect information for the control of the products and such an acceleration sensor needs to adapt itself to various kinds of environments.

As a result now the market is requiring development of a small, light and high performance 3-axis acceleration sensor.

With this background we have succeeded in developing the world's smallest, lightest, and high performance 3-axis acceleration sensor(related 8 patents applied for) by merging various kinds of key element technologies such as our own thin-film forming technology/packaging technology based on the micro-machine technology developed through manufacturing semiconductor pressure sensor for more than a decade.

We greatly anticipate its application to advanced performance product group as one source of information that is suitable for the future broadband era.

2. Features

  1. Capable of simultaneous detection of 3-axis(X, Y, and Z axis) dynamic acceleration (vibration, impact, etc.) and static acceleration(inclination, gravity acceleration, etc.)
  2. Capable for high density mounting thanks to its smallness, thinness and lightness (Package: 5.2 x 5.6 x 1.35 mm.)

    0.040 cc has bee achieved


3. Specifications

  1. Operating Temperature Range: 0 - 70 degC
  2. Rated Acceleration: +/-2G@
  3. Bridge Resistance: 25K ohm
  4. Output Sensitivity: 0.3mV/G/V or over (Output sensitivity: 1G per V )
  5. Response Frequency: DC up to 100Hz
  6. Impact Resistance: 3000G or over

4. Applications

  1. Electronic appliances, Monitor for inclination vibration of audio-visual equipment
  2. Mobile terminal equipment navigation monitor
  3. Electronic pets, Motion sensor for games, etc.
  4. Inclination and vibration monitor for the security equipment


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