Topics 11. Dec. 2002

* Hokuriku developed ‚Qmm Size Chip Trimmer Potentiometer

This time, Hokuriku has developed 2mm size chip trimmer potentiometer. This suits to electronic devices/modules such as optical pickup, which demands further miniaturization.  

Its size is as small as 2.2mm wide ~ 2.8mm deep ~ 0.95mm high. We use Sn (tin)-plating on lead terminal to accommodates Pb (lead)-free and take environment into consideration.

By using metal glaze thick film for resistor, which has excellent climatic performance, we achieved stable characteristics.

Moreover, we give greater importance to operationality and took large rotational angle to 270‹. Also, rotation stop mechanism suits to automatic adjustment.


  • Its micro size, 2.2mm~2.8mm~0.95mm and low profile is suitable for high-density mounting.

  • It accommodates Pb(lead)-free by using Sn(tin)-plating on lead terminal.

  • By using metal glaze thick film for resistor element, it has excellent climatic resistance and durability.

  • Rotational angle is as wide as 270‹. Also, knob stopper suits to automatic adjustment. 

@Rated Wattage 0.1W
@Resistance Range 100ƒ¶`1Mƒ¶
@Rotational Angle 270‹
@Available from mid-December, 2002
@Plan to start from March, 2003

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