TOPICS 18.Sept.2003

* World's first Ultra-small MEMS 3-axis acceleration sensor in production

Our company has succeeded in mass-production of piezo type 3-axis acceleration sensor this time. As a piezo type 3-axis acceleration sensor using micro machine technology, it is the world's first mass-production and the ultra-miniature and the maximum light weight were realized.

The MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical System) technology which is the core technology of this sensor has been producing many products centering on the semiconductor pressure sensor since about ten years, has received high evaluation from the market, and made possible mass production of 3-axis acceleration sensor developed this time.

Evolution of handy information terminal is remarkable, highly-functional applications are added along with ubiquitous age, and the role of 3-axis acceleration sensor holds an infinite promise in it.

Feature of this sensor is the ability to detect not only dynamic acceleration of three axes, but also static acceleration (inclination), no matter what how the sensor lies in 360 degrees. Usually, 2 sets of 2-axis acceleration sensor were needed to detect 360 degrees. With our 3-axis sensor, only one piece can cover that range, cutting down space or cost problem.
Moreover, direct interface with microprocessor by built-in ASIC is possible, and as for temperature drift, external circuit for temperature compensation is not necessary.

Market needs of the sensor which have high level of performance are high, and adoption with all kinds of products is expected.
3-axis acceleration sensor which is the compilation of MEMS technology cultivated for years, makes a great leap forward from "HOKURIKU" to the world.
"More than 20 patents being held"
<< Features >>
1. 3-axis acceleration sensor and IC are built in a single package.
Small, low-profile in 5.6x5.6x2.0mm package
2. 3 axis simultaneous detection possible in inclination and dynamic acceleration.
3. High precision detection in the low acceleration ( +/- 2G) range
4. Direct interface with microprocessor is possible.
5. Low current consumption 2mA(TYP) at Vcc=3Vdc
6. Low voltage drive 2.5 to 5.25V
7. Shock resistance More Than 4000G
<< Specification >>
1. Rated acceleration +/- 2G
2. Output sensitivity 200 mV/G at Vcc=3 Vdc (Ratiometric output)
3. Shock resistance More than 4000G
4. Current consumption 1mA(TYP) at Vcc=3Vdc
<< Application >>
1. Handy Information Terminal / Input device - Scroll function or other application functions
2. Household electric appliances, Visual equipment - Inclination / vibration monitoring
3. Handheld game machine or Game controller - Motion sensing
4. Security - Inclination / vibration monitoring
5. Robot - Posture detection
<< Sales plan >>
* 2003 fiscal year 1 million pieces / month
* 2004 fiscal year 3 million pieces / month
<< Sample price >>
* Sample US$26 apiece

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