TOPICS 18.Nov.2004

* LPZ type was added to current detecting plate chip resistors.

We have added LPZ type to current detecting plate chip resistor. LPZ1 is a type being measured against seebeck effect (thermoelectromotive force) which occurs at the heating of the resistor, and becomes the succeeding model of LPS.

<< Features >>
1. Available from as low as 3m ohm. LPZ1
2. High precision has been made possible by using our original trimming method.
3. Broad fields of application, such as DC/DC converter, current control sensors for such as PC peripherals, battery pack, car electronics.
4. Lead-free terminal serves as an environment-friendly design.

<< Product Name >> LPZ1

<< Specification >>
1. Rated power: 1W
2. Resistance range: 3m ohm-100m ohm
3. Resistance tolerance: +/-1%
4. Resistance temperature coefficient: +/-100 ppm/degree C (>10m ohm)

<< Application >>
- DC/DC converter, Current control sensors for such as PC perihperals, battery pack, car electronics, etc

<< Sample >>
- Available now (under mass production)

<< Inquiries >>
Please inquire about this product by e-mail below or contact nearby sales office.

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