TOPICS 1.Mar.2005

* Low profile (1.4mm Max.) type piezo-resistive 3-axis acceleration sensor (HAAM-312B) was developed.

Our company has added HAAM-312B to our lineup. This new type realized low profile 1.4mm Max. thickness, yet maintained high precision and high sensitivity. Sample and production have been started as of today. This new type will serve to broad range of application fields, such as mobile devices like cellular telephone, security, amusement, etc.

<< Features >>
1. Low profile package, as low as 1.4mm Max. HAAM-312B
2. On top of low profile, same high precision and high sensitivity as HAAM-302B (2.0mm Max.) was achieved.
<< Product Name >> HAAM-312B
<< Specification >>
1. Rated acceleration +/- 2G
2. Output sensitivity 400 mV/G (at 3V of supply voltage, Ratiometric output)
3. Offset voltage 1.5V +/-0.075V (Ratiometric to supply voltage)
4. Shock resistance More than 4000G
5. Package size 5.6 x 5.6 x 1.4mm Max.

<< Application >>
1. For drop detection (protection of hard disc drive)
2. Handy Information Terminal / Input device - Scroll function or other application functions
3. Household electric appliances, Visual equipment - Tilt / vibration monitoring
4. Handheld game machine or Game controller - Motion sensing
5. Security - Tilt / vibration monitoring
6. Robot - Posture detection

<< Sample Status >>
Available now

<< Sample Price >>
US$26 apiece

<< Production >>
Starting from March 1, 2005

<< Inquiries >>
For inquiry about this product, please contact nearby sales office or e-mail below.

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