TOPICS 11.Mar.2005

* Notice of address change due to consolidation of municipalities.
Effective from April 1st, 2005, the following locations will be affected in their addresses due to consolidation of municipalities in Japan.
Please note that zip code, phone number and fax number remain the same.

1. Headquarters & business units inside
From: 3158 Shimo-okubo Osawano-machi Kaminiikawa-gun Toyama Pref. 939-2292 Japan
To: 3158 Shimo-okubo Toyama City Toyama Pref. 939-2292 Japan

2. Nirehara area business units
From: 3175 Nishi-kamishima, Nirehara, Hosoiri-mura, Nei-gun, Toyama Pref. 939-2184 Japan
To: 3175 Nishi-kamishima, Nirehara, Toyama City, Toyama Pref. 939-2184 Japan

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