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* Industry-thinnest Class Piezoelectric Multiple Mini-Speaker started in production.

HDK has started mass-production of Industry-thinnest Class Piezoelectric Multiple Mini-Speaker. HDK achieved as thin as 0.6mm, yet high sound pressure, by using high reliability multiple vibrating plate which utilizes HDK-developed high efficient low temperature co-fired piezoelectric material. 

It is most suitable to digital devices which demands miniaturization and lightweight further, such as digital still camera, digital video camera, mini disc and others.  

<< Features >>

Mini, Ultra Thin(dia.20x0.6t), yet High Sound Pressure


Solder-less Construction by HDK Printing Technology

  3. Using High Reliability Multilayer Vibrating Plate by
  HDK-developed High-efficient LTC Piezo material
<< Product Name >>
<< Specification >>
1. Sound Pressure 72dB at 1Vrms Sine Wave, Mic. Distance 10cm. Sound Pressure averaging at 0.8k, 1k, 1.5k, 2kHz
2. Resonant Freq. 1,050Hz to 1,450Hz
3. Static Capacitance 950nF +/-30%
4. Rated Input Voltage 1Vrms (2.8Vp-p)
5. Maximum Input Voltage 10Vp-p
6. Operating Temp. Range -20 to +60 degrees C
7. Storage Temp. Range -30 to +70 degrees C
8. Dimension dia.20mm x 0.6mm thick
<< Applications >>
Digital Still Camera, Digital Video Camera, MD (Mini Disk)
Cell Phone, Electronic Dictionary, Game, etc
<< Sample Status >>
Available now
    Sample Price: US$ 3.0 apiece
<< Production >>
Available now
<< Inquiries >>
For inquiry about this product, please contact nearby sales office or e-mail below.

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