TOPICS 23.Mar.2006

* World-smallest class, piezo-resistive 3-axis acceleration sensor(HAAM-325B) was developed.

 Our company has developed world-smallest class size, piezo-resistive 3-axis acceleration sensor, HAAM-325B, which package size is 3.0mm x 3.0mm x 1.0mm Max. The package volume is approx. 1/5 of conventional HAAM-313B(5.6mm x 5.6mm x 1.4mm), which is significant reduction and low profile.
 At the same time, we newly provided two separate terminals of interrupt output for drop detection and shock detection, besides conventional standby terminal. This contributes to reduction of design period at customer. 

 Other feature is power-saving design by low current consumption, 0.35mA(mode B). This suits to versatile needs such as cell phone, PC, camcorder, game set, audiovisual player. 

<< Features >>
1. World-smallest class size 3-axis acceleration sensor
- Package size 3.0mm x 3.0mm x 1.0mm Max.

HAAM-325B(center below)


Two separate terminals for interrupt output
- Interrupt output 1(for drop detection)

High when all X,Y,Z go below preset threshold.

- Interrupt output 2(for shock detection)

High when one of X,Y,Z exceeds preset threshold.


Low current consumption

 3V operating: 0.7mA Typ(mode A), 0.35mA Typ(mode B)

 Standby: 1uA Typ

<< Product Name >> HAAM-325B
<< Applications >>
1. For drop detection
(To protect hard disc drive for mobile PC, Audiovisual Player, Cell phone) 
2. Handy Information Terminal / Input device - Scroll function or other application functions
3. Household electric appliances, Visual equipment - Tilt / vibration monitoring
4. Pedometer
5. Handheld game machine or Game controller - Motion sensing
6. Security - Tilt / vibration monitoring
7. Robot - Posture detection
<< Sample Status >>
- Available now
<< Sample Price >>


US$26 apiece


<< Production >>
- Starting from May, 2006
<< Inquiries >>
For inquiry about this product, please contact nearby sales office or e-mail below.

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