TOPICS 4. Nov. 2009

* Digital output type piezo-resistive 3-axis acceleration sensor (HAAM-375) is now in our lineup.
Our company has commercialized digital output type 3-axis acceleration sensor, HAAM-375.
Three terminals are built in to output interrupt signals. The terminals can be assigned various functions such as display rotation, wake-up, drop detection, etc, so that it can save burden of developing application software substantially.
Package size is same 3.0mm x 3.0mm x 1.0mm max. as predecessor.
Other features are low voltage drive (2.4V min.) and further power-saving design (1/4 of predecessor) by low power consumption 50uA typ. (when DR=10mS).
<< Features >> HAAM-375

Various interrupt signals output by preset threshold
(Display info, Wake-up, Drop detection, etc)

2. Low power consumption
-Standby mode: 1uA typ., 3uA max.
-Normal mode: 50uA typ., 100uA max. (when DR=10ms selected)
3. Low voltage drive (2.4V min.)
Interface block can be driven by 1.7V min.
4. 8-bit digital acceleration signal output
5. Serial interface built-in (I2C)

Various calibrations done by built-in EEPROM

<< Product Name >>    HAAM-375

<< Applications >>
1. Display control (orientation, scroll, etc)
2. Walking step count, Exercise monitor
3. Motion sensing (for game controller, etc)
4. Electronic compass - compensation
5. Drop detection (for protection of hard disk drive)
6. Security - Tilt / vibration monitor
7. Robot - Posture detection, etc
<< Sample Status >>
- Available now
<< Sample Price >>


US$33 apiece


<< Inquiries >>
For inquiry about this product, please contact nearby sales office or e-mail below.

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