TOPICS 1. Sept. 2011

* Digital output type piezo-resistive 3-axis acceleration sensor (HAAM-385) is now in our lineup.
Our company has commercialized digital output type 3-axis acceleration sensor, HAAM-385. This sensor outputs 12 bits of high precision acceleration signal.
Its output form is serial output of digital 12 bits (existing type was 8 bits), come with I2C, SPI interface. Various interrupts by events such as wakeup, drop detection and shock detection are also featured in by providing output of those interrupt signals. By this wakeup function as well as data rate setting, significant power-saving setting is also possible. Moreover, since the sensor also holds high-order of low pass filter function, this product is greatly easy to use and matches market needs.
This sensor serves to functional enhancement of electronic devices such as smart-phone, e-book, e-dictionary, even digital video camera.
<< Features >> HAAM-385
1. 12-bit digital acceleration signal output

2. Serial interface built-in (I2C and SPI)
3. Low voltage drive (2.4V min.)
Interface block can be driven by 1.7V min.
4. Low power consumption
-Standby mode: 2uA max.
-Normal mode: 350uA max. (when DR=200Hz selected)
5. Various interrupt signals output
(Wake-up output, Shock detection output, Drop detection output)
6. Setting of acceleration range (+/- 2G, +/- 4G, +/- 8G), data rate is possible.
<< Product Name >>    HAAM-385

<< Applications >>
1. Display control (screen orientation, scroll, tilt detection, motion detection, etc) of smart-phone, e-book, etc.
2. Walking step count, Calorie meter, Exercise monitor
3. Motion sensing (for game controller, etc.)
4. Electronic compass - compensation
5. Drop detection (for protection of hard disk drive)
6. Security - Tilt / vibration monitor
7. Robot - Posture detection, etc.
<< Sample Status >>
- Available now
<< Sample Price >>


US$33 apiece


<< Inquiries >>
For inquiry about this product, please contact nearby sales office or e-mail below.

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