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mark World-smallest size class, Non-contacting Temperature Sensor "SFB sensor" developed

Our company developed non-contacting temperature sensor of world-smallest class, which package is surface mountable and its size is 2.2mm long & wide with 0.9mm thick. This sensor features unaffectedness by environmental temperature.

Since this device is small and surface mountable, applications such as smartphone, wearable device are the most suitable.

Conventional type, thermopile method, which detects difference of temperature between cold junction and hot junction in the device element, has issues such that surface mounting is difficult and customer's mounting environment (environmental temperature) has constraint, due to complicated structure considering package's thermal conductivity.

SFB sensor (Smart Functional Bolometer sensor) (Trademark pending) developed this time, has structure of super low heat capacity in sensing part by our micro electro-mechanical system (MEMS) technology, and uses vacuum-sealing technology and functional thin-film technology in silicon wafer level which was newly self-developed. Furthermore, two sensor parts, sensing and reference, are formed within the same chip, and uses the method to output those difference.

These new technologies realized strong against change of environmental temperature, and surface-mountable type

No. Item Rating Remark
1 Field of View +/-30 Deg.
2 Measurement resolution +/-0.3 Degree C
3 Output voltage 1mV Typ. Blackbody:310K, Sensor temperature:298K, Input voltage:1V
4 Response 130ms Typ. 63.2% reach time
5 Zero load resistance 360kOHM Typ. @25 Degree C zero load resistance value
6 B constant 3370K Typ. calculate from 25 Degree C & 85 Degree C zero load resistance value
7 Current consumption 2.0μA 25 Degree C 2V applied
  • Smartphone, Tablet PC, Wearable device
  • Medical devices (temperature control), Earhole type thermometer
  • Cooking appliances (temperature control), Drier, Air-conditioner (Air-conditioning control),
    Various energy-saving control (TV, Refrigerator)
  • Industrial equipment (Process control), Printer, Note PC
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    from September, 2016


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    This product is developed in collaboration with SEMITEC Corporation