TOPICS 29.Mar.2004

* Small size humidity sensor element (HIS-07) was developed.

We developed small size humidity sensor element, which is 1/2 or less in area compared to our conventional part.
While demand of miniaturized electronic components increases, application to air-conditioning apparatus, office and information equipment, etc. is expected.
Its characteristics is equivalent to conventional HIS-06, despite outline form is small size"4.8x7.0x3.5 (mm)."
Moreover, it excels in weatherability and durability with material technology which employed many years of experience and track record in our company.

<< Features >>
1. Smaller case size "4.8x7.0x3.5 (mm)." (1/2 or less in area compared to our conventional part)
2. Humidity detection output (impedance) is equivalent to conventional HIS-06.
3. Water resistance and high temperature/high humidity-proof is equivalent to HIS-06 and excels in weatherability and durability.
4. Lead-free form is standard on lead terminal and solder, and serve as environment-friendly design.

<< Product Name >> HIS-07

<< Specification >>
1. Rated Voltage 5.5V(AC), Rated Wattage 0.5mW
2. Humidity Detection Range: 20 to 90%RH (0-45 degrees C)
3. Humidity Detection Accuracy: within +/- 5%RH (at 25 degree C/ 50%RH)
4. Hysteresis: within +/- 1%RH

<< Application >>
- For humidity detection of Air-conditioning Apparatus, Office and Information Equipment

<< Sample >>
- Available now
- Sample price : 5 US dollars apiece

<< Mass Production >>
- Monthly 500,000 pieces scheduled from July, 2004
- RF Component Division, RF Component Factory

<< Inquiries >>
Please inquire about this product by e-mail below or contact nearby sales office.

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