Environmental Policy

Environmental Philosophy

Hokuriku Electric Industry Co., Ltd. group shall recognize that preservation of earth environment is one of the important tasks common to human beings, and acts in consideration of environmental preservation all the fields of corporate activity toward construction of sustainable society.

Environmental Policy

As a manufacturer of electronic components, Hokuriku Electric Industry Co., Ltd. group shall promote environmental preservation activity by catching exactly the influence which active conducts of business and products and services accompanying its production have on environment, and by striving for the maintenance of environmental management system (EMS) that we have built, and then by carrying out the followings.

    (1) Establishment of environmental purpose・target and continuous improvement
  • Establishment and periodical reexamination of the environmental purpose and target shall be performed in the technically- and economically-possible range.
  • Continuous improvement in environmental preservation activity and environmental performance shall be performed.
    (2) Compliance of regulation system and other requirements

    We shall not stop at complying with environmental-related laws, regulation system, regulations, and other requirements that opted for acceptance, but an independence standard shall be enacted in the technically- and economically-possible range, and further environmental preservation shall be tackled.

    (3) Environmental protection and reduction of environmental load

    While Hokuriku Electric Industry Co., Ltd. group strives for prevention of environmental pollution, we shall preferentially promote preservation activities, especially about the following items in the influence which active conduct of business, products, and services have on environment.

  • We strives for prevention of environmental pollution.
  • We shall raise the use efficiency of energy and resources at division facilities, and save energy and resources.
  • While reducing use of papers and the like, we shall control, process adequately, reduce, recover, and recycle waste materials such as washing waste fluid, etc.
  • We shall consider the conservation of biological diversity
  • We shall promote total abolition and reducing and substituting ozone-depleting substance, hazardous chemical substance, etc. which burdens on environment by handling in production process or containing in product itself.

Hokuriku Electric Industry Co., Ltd.

President and Representative Director

Morio Tada