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Since its foundation in 1943, in addition to resistors, Hokuriku Electric Industry has developed and supplied mechanical components, circuit boards, sensors, piezoelectric components, and module products.

Electronic devices in all fields such as home appliances, automobiles, mobile, FA, medical, etc. are evolving at incredible speed, and we can say that the pace of the times has created an "Era of super evolution where even predictions of the near future can drastically change beyond imagination.”

While always keeping in mind that in these times, “predicting the change” is essential, we will constantly improve ourselves through competition and encouragement and by always remembering to give "one final push” in everything we do.

Hokuriku strives to be "a Company that aims to create products previously unimagined and to create innovation through manufacturing." Believing that fulfilling corporate social responsibility is an important obligation of management, and employing the spirit found in the principal of "Devoted to social development by making good products," we will work to meet everyone’s expectation and earn trust as “HOKURIKU—Manufacturer of Sensors and Modules.”

We appreciate your continued support and patronage in the future.

President and

Representative Director

Ryusho Shimosaka




3158 Shimo-okubo, Toyama City, Toyama Pref. 939-2292 Japan

Phone: (076)467-1111, Facsimile: (076)468-1508

Established April 4, 1943
Capital Yen; 5,200 Million
President Ryusho Shimosaka

1,887(Consolidated Basis, as of March 31, 2024)

Sales Amount

40,811 million yen (Consolidated Basis, as of March 2024)

Security market Tokyo Stock Exchange Standard Market

Development, Manufacturing, Sales of Electronic Components, etc

- Resistors (Fixed Resistor, Variable Resistor, Chip Resistor, etc)

- Sensors (Pressure, Force, Acceleration, Humidity, Temperature, etc )

- Modules (TCXO, Circuit Module, etc)

- Printed Circuit Boards (Paste Through Hole, Printed Resistor, etc)

- Piezoelectric Buzzers, Tactile Switches

- Thermistors, Varistors

Board of Directors

President and Representative Director

Ryusho Shimosaka


Morio Tada


Yuji Nishimura


Yoshinori Murakami


Masato Ando

Director (full time)

Audit & Supervisory Committee Member

Manabu Sugimoto
Director (outside)

Audit & Supervisory Committee Member

Masayuki Kitanosono
Director (outside)

Audit & Supervisory Committee Member

Satoshi Kikushima

Director (outside)

Audit & Supervisory Committee Member

Kazuaki Imura

Director (outside)

Audit & Supervisory Committee Member

Sadako Tsubokawa

Executive Officers

Executive Officer Yoshinori Hayashi
Executive Officer Shosei Kagata
Executive Officer Yasuo Miyazaki
Executive Officer Yoshitsuka Fukusawa
Executive Officer Atsushi Shakunaga
Executive Officer Yoshihide Nakamura
Executive Officer Katsuyuki Ogihara
Executive Officer Kota Iiyama