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Action Charter


The Action Charter of the HDK Group

As good corporate citizens, we at the HDK Group are aware of our social responsibilities and promote honest and ethical business activities. As a global corporation we adhere to international rules as well as to the laws and ordinances of individual countries. Our administrative initiatives pay due attention to all those connected to our operations, particularly our customers, shareholders and investors, business partners, local communities and employees. We are doing our very best to enhance corporate value and expand the company by means of stable growth.

  • 1. Fair business practices
    • We comply with related laws and ordinances etc., and engage in impartial, transparent and free business activities based on sound commercial practice and conventional wisdom.
  • 2. Enhancement of customer satisfaction
    • In order to respond to the needs and requests of our customers, we provide very high quality, safe and reliable products and services using the advanced technological expertise we have accumulated.
  • 3. Proper financial reports
    • We follow ordinances and regulations related to accounting and tax practices, and we produce proper financial reports.
  • 4. Respect for human rights
    • We display no prejudice whatsoever in any aspect of our corporate activities, and we respect the human rights of each individual.
  • 5. Respect for employees
    • We endeavour to maintain and improve a safe and comfortable working environment, taking initiatives to create a workplace that supports the activities of our diverse personnel.
  • 6. Disclosure of information
    • We endeavour to improve administrative transparency, disclosing corporate information in a timely and appropriate manner.
  • 7. Management of information
    • We endeavour to guarantee information security and to manage intellectual property and information in an appropriate manner.
  • 8. Harmony with the environment
    • We aim to construct a sustainable company, showing consideration for environmental conservation in every aspect of our corporate activities.
  • 9. Social contributions
    • We endeavour to cooperate with the local community, engaging in activities that make a positive social contribution.