Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

HOKURIKU ELECTRIC INDUSTRY CO., LTD. (hereafter referred to as "Our company") considers it our social responsibility to manage and handle information of our customers appropriately. Therefore we will strive to protect personal information under the following policy.

  • If personal information is requested from our customers, we will inform the customer of the purpose of the information, and we will restrict the request to only that information which is necessary.
  • Our company will restrict the use of the personal information to the purpose agreed to by our customer, and we will strive to maintain our customers’ information in an accurate and updated manner.
  • Unless there are special reasons, we will not provide or disclose any customer’s personal information to a third party without the consent of that customer.
  • Our company will stipulate provisions to manage personal information safely and make efforts to prevent and correct unauthorized access, loss, destruction, fabrication, and leakage.
  • Our company will designate a personal information management representative for each department that handles customer personal information to ensure proper handling of this information.
  • To request corrections to, removal of, or information regarding personal information, please submit the inquiry form on the website. Your request will be handled according to our personal information policies.

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  • Our company not only observes all laws and regulations related to the protection of personal information but also strives to continually improve our security processes in accordance with the changing demands of society and technology.